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I believe in simple portraiture, a style that focuses on your beautiful baby. I don't use a lot of "crazy props". Some of my favorite images have no props at all. Just baby. 100% beautiful on their own. This way, they don't get lost in the image. I do have simple props available at the studio, buckets, bowls, baskets, hats, headbands and textures that I like to use. Newborns often look most beautiful naked, or just with a hat, headband or wrap. I absolutely adore monochromatic set ups. Different shades of blue, greens or pinks. I keep things simple & focused on baby, not a lot of extra "fluff". I enjoy using bright colors, neutral colors & muted colors...just not all together in one set up.



I am a newborn photographer, therefore my main focus is the newborn. I do offer some parent/newborn, sibling/newborn and family/newborn shots with my complete newborn sessions but I do not have a big space for extended family shots. If family shots are what is most important to you with tons of variety & even the bed shots, you might want to find someone else with a larger set up. My family shots are closer up and typically from the waist up. I love simple newborn imagery and don't do themed shoots. I love using tiny details like greenery, flowers, stars, hearts, etc. I do not photograph large props brought from outside the home like guitars, saddles or fireman hats etc...some of these shots get next to impossible if baby isn't sleepy. So to avoid disappointment in not getting those shots, I have stopped with any large outside props that aren't tested for safety and ease of use in my studio. If you have these types of shots in mind, it's ok to book elsewhere. Be sure you love my style of work and you will love the final product! 



I've had so many different studio set ups over the years. This is the latest. It's small, but it's perfect for what I do! One of these days, I'll get a bit more color in the lounge area & narrow down which images I want to showcase on the walls. Could be your little one :) 

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